• Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius
  • Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius
  • Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius
  • Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius
  • Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius
  • Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius

Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius

Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius

Low Latency Mode

The Blackwing Series MK2022 have a bright light output for their category. This brightness will accommodate bigger and brighter screens, and High Dynamic Range pictures.

The “Low Latency Mode” enables a thrilling Gaming, Virtual Reality and even Simulation experiences on very large screens.

4K, the Ultra High Definition is now available. This new format is 4 times the definition of that of 1080p Full-HD and produces the sharpest picture ever available, even at the cinema.

The 400Hz mode, featuring an extrapolating algorithm to calculate with extreme precision intermediate frames. Movies has never pop out so much before. Enjoy live events and TV shows with a true-to-life representation!

The Blackwing MK2022 have a large zoom range and precise light output control, that will help accommodating any screen sizes from 60″ to 200″ diagonal (1m30 to 4m40 wide).

Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius

Techninė specifikacija:

Panel Resolution
3 x 4 096 x 2 160 (4K Resolution)

Light Engine Technology
3 x LCoS 0.69” 2nd generation 4K panels

Display Resolution
4 096 x 2 160 (4K Resolution without Interpolation)

Signal Compatibility
UHD Blu-ray disks up to 4K 120p HDR 10+ content with 2 dynamic tone mappings and Frame Adapt HDR HLG broadcasting and streaming services HFR and Low Latency gaming Consoles

Optical Lens
Standard full-glass 65 mm diameter lens

Throw Ratio (16:9)
1.44:1 – 2.88:1 motorized 2 x zoom

Screen Size (16:9)
60” – 200” diagonal

Optical Offset
Motorized: ± 80% vertical, ± 34% horizontal

Light Source & Lifetime
265 W UHP – up to 4500 hours when used in low mode (P/N R8760006)

Brightness after calibration (Ansi lumens)
1 900

Native Contrast Ratio
40 000:1

Dynamic Contrast Ratio
400 000:1

Lens Positions
10 Installation Memories

Noise Level
Less than 22 dB (when set to low power mode)

2x HDMI 2.1 input with HDCP 2.3 (48 Gbps transmission band]

Expert Calibration Menu
YES (for calibration expert only)

Picture Modes
4 Presets + Film + 6 Users + 2 for Installation Experts only

Color Space Profiles
9 Presets + 6 Customs

Video Processing
HDR10+ Auto-Tone mapping HDR Picture modes with Perceptual Quantization (PQ) EOTF and Hybrid Log gamma HDR colorimetry and MaxCLL / MaxFALL meta-data auto-detect Low Latency/Game mode @120Hz for real time simulation and gaming experiences Blur Reduction, 400 Hz Crystal Motion® Theater Optimizer Function


Color Modes
REC.709, DCI-P3, BT.2020

Power Voltage and Consumption
AC 110~240V 50/60Hz 420 W 0.3 W in Eco Mode standby 1.5 W with LAN

Home Automation Control
RS-232 (Dsub 9) / LAN RJ45 / 12V Trigger (100mA)

23 kg (50.7 lbs)

Dimensions (W x H x D)
50 x 26 x 49,5 cm (19.7” x 10.1” x 19.5”)

Box Dimensions (L x W x H)
66 x 65 x 44 cm – 32 kg (70.5 lbs)


Active 3D Glasses
RF Active Shutter 3D glasses (P/N R1048223) with RF 3D Dongle (P/N R1048229)

Ceiling Mount Kit
Fixed (P/N R9852068) – Motorized 1 meter Lift (P/N M9201400) – Motorized 2 Meters Lift (P/N M9201404)

Other Options
Static Anamorphic Lens Kit, Special colors and finishes on demand, Passive 3D glasses.

Blackwing Essential MK2022 projektorius

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