• H128 ausinės
  • H128 ausinės

H128 ausinės

The ADL H128 is balanced in a completely audiophile way. Rich tonal colors and textures with intimate and close harmonic interplay, a sense of space and quiet backgrounds are the key. With these our latest breakthrough headphones we decided to take the performance of our now classic H118 headphones one step further. We wanted to retain the H118’s smooth, well-balanced sound that has captivated so many headphone enthusiasts, but we also wanted to improve dynamics and recreate the same “punch” that you hear during live performances—a lofty goal for a pair of headphones. With the new H128, we’ve succeeded at reaching that goal. At ADL we determined that the best way to accomplish this was to design and develop a completely new driver from scratch with the help of our engineers at Furutech and sound tune the headphones with input from a team of renowned Japanese audio commentators.
H128 ausinės

Techninė specifikacija:

Acoustic Design
Dynamic closed-back

40mm diameter special high-flux magnet

98dB SPL (1mW) at 1 KHz

Frequency response
20Hz ~ 20kHz

Input Power
200mW (Max.)

Rated Impedance
68 ohm @ 1KHz

Ear pad

Head Band Pressure
4.5 N Approx.

Nonmagnetic rhodium-plated stereo α (Alpha) mini-XLR socket

320g (with cable)

H128 ausinės

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