• CS-1 garso kolonėlė
  • CS-1 garso kolonėlė
  • CS-1 garso kolonėlė
  • CS-1 garso kolonėlė

CS-1 garso kolonėlė

The Lyngdorf CS-1 is a compact full range loudspeaker specifically designed for discreet placement inside cabinets such as lowboards, sideboards and TV furniture. For this purpose, the CS-1 is constructed as a horizontal rather than vertical loudspeaker design, the bass reflex is front-ported, while the tweeter is mounted both elevated and angled. This special tweeter placement reduces sound diffractions from furniture edges inside a cabinet and also improves sound radiation toward the listening area.

Best sound performance

For best sound performance the Lyngdorf CS-1 is based on the same midrange/bass driver and tweeter as the success- ful FR-1 two-way loudspeaker, while the overall construction and sound tuning have been specifically designed for in-cabinet placement.

Constructed for in-cabinet placement

Designed for placement inside cabinets and furniture, the CS-1 is a solid MDF construction with a durable and easy to clean matte-black lacquer. Self-adhesive rubber pads are supplied with the speaker to prevent any scratches on the furniture surface and to absorb resonance between furniture and speaker.

The CS-1 comes without any front grille to allow for the clearest sound performance for example behind the fabric cloth doors of TV furniture.

Techninė specifikacija

2-way speaker with angled tweeter and front-ported bass reflex

Power handling
100 W

Size 1″, textile soft dome, PTC protection

Midrange/bass driver
Size 6.5″, 35 mm voice coil, cone material: aluminum, die cast basket, vented magnet

Bass reflex, front ported, full MDF construction, volume: 15 litres

Frequency response
42 to 22.000 Hz (-3dB)

Nominal impedance
4 Ohm

88 dB (2.83V/1m)

Crossover point
2.2 kHz

Binding posts

Placement options
Horizontal, inside furniture and cabinets

Dimensions (W x H x D)
42.0 x 20.0 x 29.5 cm

7.9 kg

CS-1 garso kolonėlė

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