• HPI5 pasyvi kolonėlė
  • HPI5 pasyvi kolonėlė
  • HPI5 pasyvi kolonėlė
  • HPI5 pasyvi kolonėlė
  • HPI5 pasyvi kolonėlė
  • HPI5 pasyvi kolonėlė

HPI5 pasyvi kolonėlė

Quest Engineering
560 €

At First Glance

The HPI5 is a 5" ultra compact, passive professional sound reinforcement loudspeaker. Ideally suited to applications that require an ultra low profile solution. Its small footprint still manages to deliver medium to high output making the HPI5 ideally suited to short\medium throw environments.The HPI5 is optimized for high vocal range intelligibility as a small PA system, or as a fill\delay loudspeaker in larger indoor or outdoor systems.

Intelligent Vocal, Musical Clarity

The innovative wide dispersion symmetrical horn flare ensures exceptional throw of mid-high frequencies delivering naturally coherent vocal with projection far superior to any other speaker in its class. Musical reproduction is also impressive with the ultra high powered 5” woofer providing astonishing low end performance all the way down to 75Hz.

High Power, Small Footprint

Weighing in at less than 6.5kg and under 25cm, the HPI5 is easy to underestimate from the onset. Cleverly designed using the latest in high power compact driver technology, the HPI5’s custom designed 5″ high tech woofer and 1″ coherent phase compression driver create the best in performance, size and balance.

Techninė specifikacija

Rec Amplifier
240 - 360W Nom.

16 ohm

Frequency Response
75Hz - 19kHz

90.5 dB


100° x 60° [hor x ver]

5” Woofer

1” Ferrite Compression Driver

Connections & Wiring
2x Speakon 1+/-

248 x 182 x 150mm

6.2kg net

HPI5 pasyvi kolonėlė

HPI5 pasyvi kolonėlė - Digital Audio

Quest Engineering
560 €