• Spitfire A10 pasyvi kolonėlė
  • Spitfire A10 pasyvi kolonėlė

Spitfire A10 pasyvi kolonėlė

Spitfire A10 pasyvi kolonėlė

The Spitfire A4 and the Spitfire A6 combined into a Spitfire 10-5 Array configuration.

The speakers are joined with the specially-made Spitfire Array Bracket to achieve the exact angle needed for optimal sound performance.

Amplify the arrays according to room size, listening position, and seating rows.

In an Artcoustic Spitfire Cinema, there will be no cheap seats!

The Spitfire Series is Artcoustic’s dedicated cinema range of products. Its slimline profile, adjustable vertical and horizontal array, combined with a powerful and articulated performance, makes it the ideal choice for high-end cinema rooms and commercial installations, such as bars and clubs, and in general installations requiring high SPL. Use Artcoustic Spitfire Arrays for discrete professional applications.

The Spitfire Series has been engineered to produce exceptional sound pressure levels, normally only associated with typical professional audio products.

For the most impressive performance, partner the Spitfire speakers with one of the powerful Artcoustic subwoofers – an ideal setup for small, medium, and large size rooms.

Techninė specifikacija:

Operating Range
70 Hz (-6dB) to 20 kHz

100 dB

Average Peak SPL
125 dB

9.1 kg

H 513 • W 280 • D min. 250/max. 350 mm

Black, SL Satin

Max Power
300 Watt

5 ohms

Spitfire A10 pasyvi kolonėlė

Spitfire A10 pasyvi kolonėlė - Digital Audio