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  • PX728-4K projektorius
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  • PX728-4K projektorius
  • PX728-4K projektorius
  • PX728-4K projektorius
  • PX728-4K projektorius
  • PX728-4K projektorius
  • PX728-4K projektorius
  • PX728-4K projektorius
  • PX728-4K projektorius
  • PX728-4K projektorius

PX728-4K projektorius

1039 €
PX728-4K projektorius

2,000 ANSI Lumens 4K Home Cinema Projector

  • True 4K HDR visual experience
  • Cinema SuperColor™ Technology with 100% Rec.709
  • Direct big-screen streaming via USB Type-C
  • 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input & 240Hz high refresh rate
  • Warping, auto V keystone and 1.3x zoom for flexible installation
  • Home automation via LAN control and 12V trigger


The PX728-4K is a 2,000 ANSI Lumens 4K home cinema projector that offers excellent value for upgrading to 4K home entertainment. Enjoy bigger, better visuals in true 4K clarity with HDR/HLG support and richer colors through Cinema SuperColor™ Technology that covers 100% Rec.709. Gaming also gets an upgrade with 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input, a 240Hz refresh rate, and USB Type-C connectivity for direct streaming from Nintendo® Switch. Powerful warping, auto V keystone, H/V keystone, and 1.3x optical zoom make setting up a big screen of up to 300” on any surface easier than ever. Adding on to that is the LAN control capability compatible with home automation systems and 12V trigger output, making the PX728-4K a perfect addition to your smart home.

PX728-4K projektorius
PX728-4K projektorius

True 4K Clarity with HDR/HLG Support

In addition to the stunningly detailed images that true 4K resolution can offer, the projector also supports HDR and HLG content to produce more dynamic images and bring flat images to life with more displayable information in the darker and brighter parts of a scene.

USB Type-C for Direct Streaming and Recharging

The projector’s USB Type-C* connection puts a fun twist on streaming videos by allowing you to project content directly from your phone, laptop or tablet while also charging them simultaneously. You can even play Nintendo® Switch games on the big screen via direct connection without the dock.

Learn more
*Only available for devices that support USB Type-C video streaming.
*For iPhone and iPad, users need to buy an Apple-authorized Lightning-to-HDMI adapter for content display via the HDMI port.

PX728-4K projektorius
PX728-4K projektorius

Ultimate Gaming Experience with Ultra-Fast Input

Say goodbye to motion blur and missed attacks due to input lag! With our 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input and hyper-responsive 240Hz refresh rate, plus the microsecond-level response time, you can game with low delay and seamless viewing of fast-moving objects and take your KDA to the next level.

*To enable 4.2ms Ultra-Fast Input, turn it on in Advanced Settings and make sure the input content is with 240Hz refresh rate. When enabled, the highest resolution supported is 1080p.
**The response time stated refers to the reaction time of DMD chip.

Effortless Image Adjustment

Be it on the side table in the living room, bedroom or any other location you like, the projector can provide perfectly shaped images from any angle with comprehensive H/V keystone and 4 corner adjustment capabilities. The auto V keystone further frees you from manual adjustments no matter how you tilt the projector, up or down.

PX728-4K projektorius
PX728-4K projektorius

Adaptable to Any Environment

Equipped with a 1.3x optical zoom lens, the projector empowers users to choose the most ideal set-up location that doesn’t interfere with existing interior design while still getting the desired image size.

Perfect Projection, Even on Curved Surfaces

Who says projection only works on a flat surface? With our advanced Projector Warping Tool, the distorted image can be perfectly shaped through multiple point adjustments, even when projected on spherical or cylindrical shapes.

PX728-4K projektorius
PX728-4K projektorius

Go Big, Even in Small Spaces

Scale up the excitement with a screen size easily made larger than a TV, even in limited space. Immerse yourself in 100” of entertainment from only 2.5 m away.

1.13-1.47 Throw Ratio

Get Your Cinema All Set at Once

With 12V trigger output connectivity, just power on the PX728-4K and your home cinema will be all set, with the curtains closed and the projection screen lowered automatically.

PX728-4K projektorius

Projection System

Native Resolution

2000 (ANSI Lumens)

Contrast Ratio with SuperEco Mode

Display Color
1.07 Billion Colors

Light Source Type

Light Source Life (hours) with Normal Mode

Light Source Life (hours) with SuperEco Mode

Lamp Watt

F=1.94-2.12, f=12-15.6mm

Throw Ratio

Optical Zoom

Digital Zoom

Image Size

Throw Distance
0.75m~9.76m, (100"@2.50m)

H:+/-40° , V:+/-40°

Audible Noise (Normal)

Audible Noise (Eco)

Resolution Support
VGA(640 x 480) to 4K(3840 x 2160)

HDTV Compatibility
480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2160P

Horizontal Frequency

Vertical Scan Rate


2 , (HDMI 2.0b/ HDCP 1.4/2.2)

USB Type C
1 (5V/ 2A)


Audio out (3.5mm)


USB Type A (Power)
1 (5V/ 1.5A)

12V Trigger (3.5mm)


Power Supply Voltage
100-240V+/- 10%, 50/60Hz, (AC in)

Power Consumption
Normal: 310W, Standby: <0.5W

Operating Temperature

Net Weight

Dimensions (WxDxH) with Adjustment Foot

USB-C Cable

PX728-4K projektorius

PX728-4K projektorius - Digital Audio

1039 €