• Stereo Hub komutatorius
  • Stereo Hub komutatorius

Stereo Hub komutatorius

System Audio
399 €

This is our hub. It is the meeting point of all equipment that use cable.

This could be your TV, turntable, CD, computer, game console etc.

When you connect them to the hub, they become part of the wireless universe. The hub distribute their signal wirelessly and uncompressed to the speakers.

The hub can be put away. It does’nt have to be in a visible place. If you wish, you may also connect the speakers with a cable from your preamplifier.

Stereo Hub controls your audio devices and connects them wirelessly to your Silverback speakers

Stereo Hub is the meeting point for all your audio devices. Here you connect your TV, your turntable, CD, computer or any device you prefer to listen to.

It has built-in Chromecast, Airplay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect. Thus, it is also the meeting point of your wireless devices, no matter if you prefer Apple or Android.

Uncompromising digital quality

Stereo Hub receives the sound from your devices with a resolution of up to 24 bit / 192 kHz (High Definition). It is the best quality the music industry uses for recording music, and therefore we offer this opportunity. The sound processing in Stereo Hub is lossless, noiseless and without dropouts.

The best wireless connection

The connection from Stereo Hub to your Silverback speakers is handled by WiSA technology. It is the best wireless connection for High End audio.

WiSA is a wireless, digital and lossless connection without noise and dropouts, and it is an international standard that allows devices from different brands to work wirelessly with each other.

WiSA technology does not require a wireless network. In fact, you can use WiSA even if you don’t have Wifi. WiSA is an independent and exclusive connection between Stereo Hub and Silverback speakers.

Cabled input

1 x HDMI (ARC)
3 x optical inputs
1 x coax S/P-DIF
1 x minijack analog
1 x RCA analog
1 x USB-B
1 x USB

Wireless input

* 24 bit / 192 kHz. High Definition sound
* Google Chromecast
* Apple Airplay
* Bluetooth
* Spotify Connect

Techninė specifikacija

Dimensions hub (H x B x D) cm
4.1 x 17 x 10

Input Voltage
DC 5V/2A

Stereo Hub komutatorius

Stereo Hub komutatorius - Digital Audio

System Audio
399 €