• QM3 aktyvi kolonėlė
  • QM3 aktyvi kolonėlė
  • QM3 aktyvi kolonėlė
  • QM3 aktyvi kolonėlė

QM3 aktyvi kolonėlė

Quest Engineering
799 €
The entry level to professional performance. The QM3 12” powered 2-way loudspeaker is the tough, reliable, speaker system that delivers performance way above its class. Both lightweight and easy to use the QM3 ticks all the boxes when it comes to performance, price and a long service life.  The QM3 has all the features sound audio professionals demand for fast and dependable mobile sound. Whether you are a DJ, musician, A/V professional or you just need portable sound that won’t let you down, the QM3 is the active professional’s partner as a fold-back monitor, stand alone system, or as part of a multi-way PA.

Revealing Details

Lightweight, powerful and built to perform in tough conditions are the qualities demanded by professionals in a powered speaker system. While every manufacturer might have these goals in mind, achieving them at a realistic price point is not so easy. Quest has addressed this challenge with advanced engineering and design processes. The heart of the QM3 is the Quest Hybridtec Amplifier System; a lightweight amplification package that combines the best features of both analogue and digital technologies. Loudspeaker components give the most output for the least weight and the heavy gauge front steel grille and high quality timber ply casing protect your investment in a way that is both practical and stylish.

Accuracy & Control

The QM3 has a very smooth frequency response and is designed to give a very natural sounding vocal response. The 85 x 75 degree elliptical wave guide gives even coverage with a minimum of feedback causing “hotspots”. This also makes the QM3 an ideal self powered fold-back monitor. When placed horizontally on a stage the QM3 sits at the correct angle, and provides great coverage for stage monitoring. The design of the rear carry handles also protect the connection panel if the QM3 becomes accidentally overturned.

Techninė specifikacija

125 dBSPL

Sensitivity *5-band average
98 dBSPL

Frequency Response
60Hz – 20kHz



34mm Compression Driver

12” High Power Woofer

Directivity *H x V
85° x 75°

XLR+¼” In, XLR Out

Dimensions *H x W x D
620 x 380 x 347mm

Net Weight

QM3 aktyvi kolonėlė

QM3 aktyvi kolonėlė - Digital Audio

Quest Engineering
799 €