• LINEMASTER studijos monitorius
  • LINEMASTER studijos monitorius

LINEMASTER studijos monitorius

KS Digital
34555 €
The Acoustic advantages of the Linemaster:
  •  cylindircal wave for extended nearfield
  •  more direct sound, less refelctions in hotspot, more control in mastering process
  •  phasenlinear reproduction
  •  minimal latency (< 5msec)
  •  5 userprogrammable EQs (by software or optional RC-100 hardware controller)
  •  switchable between analogue or digital input
  •  volume and all other parameters remotable

Developed and designed for use in the most demanding of mastering studios, the LineMaster is an uncompromising Loudspeaker system. The highest possible sound neutrality utilizing the linear phase and value FIRTEC™ filter. The dynamic membrane control (DMC™) permits a lively impulsive base, a linear phase and no build up or decay oscillations of the membrane. Also the controlled sound emission of the near field extension technology in NEXT™ permits highest control, especially in the mastering area. The oversized power reserves of the output stage with 400W / 200W / 200W ensure that the conversion of the electrical signal occurs with the lowest possible level of distortion. Especially when mastering, one needs the assurance that the reproduction of the music is exact and unadorned, with the complete frequency range from the highest of highs to being able to perceive the deepest rumble of the airconditioning in a symphony orchestra.

Techninė specifikacija

AD / DA converter
27 bit sigma delta, 64x oversampling

Digital floating point
32 bit floating point, 1500 dB

dynamic range

Digital IN, OUT
AES3 format, 32 – 192 KHz

Analog IN, OUT
XLRsymmetric, active output

60 MHz 32 bit floatingpoint, 1500 dB dynamik

FIRTEC™ equalization, 2 difference FIR crossover speaker timealignment, limiter, 2 FIR-presets 3 userprogrammable peakfilter with frequence, gain and peakcontrol

Frequency range

Room equalization
low-, highshelving, 3 param EQs, distance shift, phase reverse, all parameter free controlable by RC-100

two 8” DMC carboncone units, four 6.5” midrange carbonbone 1” radiator on NE-X-T adapter (Pat.:DE102015102643A)

350W / 200W / 100W MOSFET technology

125 dB peak

170 X 30 X 33 cm, 68 kg

LINEMASTER studijos monitorius

LINEMASTER studijos monitorius - Digital Audio

KS Digital
34555 €