• TA 4D 4 kanalų stiprintuvas
  • TA 4D 4 kanalų stiprintuvas
  • TA 4D 4 kanalų stiprintuvas
  • TA 4D 4 kanalų stiprintuvas

TA 4D 4 kanalų stiprintuvas

KS Audio
4840 €
The 4-channel power amplifier for F MOD or D MOD control modules KS AUDIO TA 4D is a unique solution for all applications in the field of professional sound reinforcement. From a linear 4-channel power amplifier to a “digital controlled multiway PA system”, any conceivable configuration is available simply by channel-wise program change or exchange of a controller module on the front. With the newest Controller F MOD, all KS AUDIO systems can be operated with the most modern linear-phase FIRTEC equalization, simply by downloading new programs from the internal memory. 8 balanced XLR connectors and 4 Speakon power outputs are automatically adjusted in their function: the power outputs switch over to “bi-amp” or “bridge” mode when necessary, the XLR’s can be alternately used as input or output, both for analog and AES/EBU signals. One slot is intended for the optional DANTE card. Thus 8 further audio inputs are available. An Ethernet switch allows simple daisy-chaining. Of course, TA 4D contains all necessary protective devices in the power output stages. The 4 channels are largely independent of each other, so that e.g. in case of under-impedance on one channel only the respective channel is switched off. The “ready” status is displayed separately. In addition, the three variable cooling fans, fitted with an easy-to-clean air filter on the front, offer a high level of comfort. The amplifier can be remote-controlled with a logic level. A 1.5mm thick sheet steel housing, large handles, a 5mm front panel and, if required, angle brackets on the back underline the sturdiness of this device. TA 4D delivers 1,000W distortion-free sinus power per channel. This is possible because the MOSFET power stages are supplied with a symmetrical triple operating voltage, which results in a high degree of efficiency and therefore little heat dissipation. The wide-range switching power supply operates with PFC on almost any alternating voltage. The layout of the power supply has to take into account that sufficient connected load must be provided for each TA 4D. Fuse rating slow-blow. The maximum output power of all 4 channels is achieved when a “pink noise” signal with a crest value of 12dB is reinforced without “clipping”. Such a test signal is used by most loudspeaker producers to indicate the power capacity.
TA 4D 4 kanalų stiprintuvas

Techninė specifikacija:

number of channels

frequency response + / -1dB
5 – 50,000Hz

output power per channel
2000W peak at 4 Ohms

output impedance
min. 2 ohms per channel

power supply
switchmode power supply with PFC

mains voltage
powercon input (100/250VAC)

amplification mode
Class H MOSFET, 3 rails supply

input connectors
4x XLR3 in, 4x XLR3 out

output connectors
4x speakon NL4

3 fans, speed controlled

stainless steel

charcoal black

dimensions (height x width x depth)
3U / 19“ / 350mm(13.8“)

14 kg

mounting slot for various KS Controller-Modules

TA 4D 4 kanalų stiprintuvas

TA 4D 4 kanalų stiprintuvas - Digital Audio

KS Audio
4840 €