• DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)
  • DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)
  • DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)
  • DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)
  • DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)
  • DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)
  • DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)
  • DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)

DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)

Benchmark Media


“HGC” is Benchmark’s unique Hybrid Gain Control system. The DAC3 combines active analog gain control, passive low-impedance attenuators, a 32-bit digital gain control, and a servo-driven volume control. All inputs are controlled by the rotary volume control. This volume control moves in response to commands from the remote control. Analog inputs are never converted to digital, and digital inputs never pass through an analog potentiometer. Digital inputs are precisely controlled in the 32-bit DSP system. The DSP system preserves precise L/R balance, and precise stereo imaging, while avoiding any source of noise and distortion.

Benchmark’s unique passive output attenuators provide distortion-free gain reduction without reducing the dynamic range of the converter. The attenuators optimize the gain staging between the DAC3 and the power amplifier. This optimization is absolutely essential for maximizing the dynamic range of the entire playback system. Much of the success of the DAC1 and DAC2 converters can be attributed to the passive output attenuators. Musical details can be obscured by system noise whenever a preamplifier and power amplifier are improperly matched. The” HGC ” system will make full use of your power amplifier’s dynamic range. Experience new details in your favorite recordings.


Four balanced 32-bit D/A converters deliver audio to Benchmark’s low-impedance current to voltage converters. The 4:1 redundancy reduces noise and distortion to levels that set new benchmarks. The conversion system at the core of the DAC3 is as good as it gets. The analog circuits that follow the D/A converter are carefully designed. Benchmark has leveraged its long history of building high-end analog audio equipment, in order to create an outstanding output stage.

The conversion system in the DAC3 achieves a 6 dB signal to noise improvement through the use of 4:1 summing. The ES9028PRO D/A is an 8-channel 32-bit converter. In the DAC3, four channels are summed in the analog domain to form each of the two output channels.

The 4:1 summing also improves the THD. The non-linearities in individual conversion channels are averaged across the four summed channels and incoherent non-linearities are attenuated by 6 dB.


The ES9028PRO has two distortion compensation systems that independently remove most of the 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion in the D/A converter. Benchmark’s ultra-clean analog output stages allow these systems to be fully leveraged in the DAC3. To the best of our knowledge, no other D/A converter has lower THD than the Benchmark DAC3.

Techninė specifikacija

SNR – A-Weighted, 0 dBFS = +27 dBu
128 dB

SNR – Unweighted, 0 dBFS = +27 dBu
126 dB

THD+N, 1 kHz at 0 dBFS
-113 dBFS, -113 dB, 0.00022%

THD+N, 1 kHz at -1 dBFS
-114 dBFS, -113 dB, 0.00022%

THD+N, 1 kHz at –3 dBFS
-119 dBFS, -116 dB, 0.00016%

THD+N, 20 to 20 kHz test tone at –3 dBFS
-113 dBFS, -110 dB, 0.00032%

Frequency Response at Fs=192 kHz
+0 dB, -0.015 dB (20 to 20 kHz); -0.015 dB at 10 Hz; -0.005 dB at 20 kHz; -0.031 dB at 40 kHz; -0.15 dB at 80 kHz

-116 dB at 20 kHz; -130 dB at 1 kHz; -137 dB at 20 Hz

Number of Digital Inputs (switch selected)
5 (1 USB, 2 Optical, 2 Coaxial)

Number of Channels

Input Sample Frequency Range
8 to 210 kHz (Coaxial Inputs); 28 to 96 kHz (Optical Inputs); 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz (USB Input)

Maximum Input Word Length
24 bits

Digital Input Impedance
75 Ohms (Coaxial Inputs)

Minimum Digital Input Level
250 mVpp (Coaxial Inputs)

Number of Balanced Analog Outputs

Balanced output Impedance
60 Ohms (Attenuator off); 425 Ohms (Attenuator = 10 dB); 135 Ohms (Attenuator = 20 dB)

Number of Unbalanced Analog Outputs

Unbalanced output Connector

Unbalanced output Impedance
30 Ohms

Dimensions (WxHxD)
9.5” (249 mm) x 1.725” (44.5 mm) x 9.33” (237 mm)

3 lb (1.36kg)

HPA2TM Headphone outputs

Number of Headphone Outputs

Output Connectors
¼” TRS with switch on left-hand jack

Output Impedance
< 0.11 Ohms

Output Power
1.25 W into 30 Ohms

Maximum Output Current
250 mA

> 500 kHz, -0.35 dB at 200 kHz

THD+N at 20 mW
-108 dB (0.0004%) into 300 Ohms, -100 dB (0.0010%) into 30 Ohms

AC Power Requirements

Nominal Input Operating Voltage Range (VAC RMS)
100 – 240V

50-60 Hz

< 0.5 Watts Idle; 12 Watts Typical Program; 15 Watts Maximum

Min/Max Operating range (VAC RMS)
90 – 260 VAC; 47 – 63 Hz

DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC)

DAC3 HGC keitiklis (DAC) - Digital Audio

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