• C 12 pasyvi kolonėlė
  • C 12 pasyvi kolonėlė

C 12 pasyvi kolonėlė

KS Audio
2662 €
The C 12 complements the KS C-Series of compact 2-way systems with its unique directivity of HDSP technology, the result is consistently even high quality audio dispersion with the highest sound pressure level possible even in the lower frequency range, while simultaneously having the lightest weight possible. With the 12”- long excursion low-mid speaker that can handle 700W and an 1.4” HF driver that can handle 100W, C 12 enables long term power- with a peak overall power handling of 1500W. The unique sound dispersion design of the HDSP high frequency horn and its electronic blending with HF driver is unique, and requires a matching electronic processor for best results. The HDSP design results in multiple dispersion angles that widen downwards towards the near field of the speaker while maintaining tight pattern control and long throw capability. The vertical bending of the HF wave front continues through the cut-off frequency as well as the crossover frequency, without any variance in the frequency response. This means that with a standard two-speaker setup, the audience in close proximity to the speakers will enjoy the same audio quality and definition as those further away. Both the 12”-long excursion low-mid speaker and the 1.4” HF driver have strong but light Neodymium-Magnets. The 3” membrane of the compression driver consists of a special material that has a clearly reduced distortion factor in comparison to a titanium membrane. With the C 12, KS has responded to the demanding needs of the professional user with a modular 2-way sound system with the highest audio quality, even in a compact size. There are many applications in which the C 12 can be used: Theatre, Live-stage Music, in large rooms or tents, as a delay system for long throw, or as a compact top used with any KS Audio subwoofer. We recommend the C WL Sub. The unit is equipped with a 12”- Neodymium low-mid speaker with a 3” voice coil, and 1.4” Neodymium compression driver with HDSP that guarantees the same sound quality in all areas of the auditory field. The C 12 is used on tripod stands or with KS Audio flyware. The speaker cabinet construction is, like all KS systems, built from birch plywood with an extremely durable PU-coating. All RAL colors available. Another special feature is the two multipurpose fittings on the back of the speaker. Allowing the installation of different fly-ware and connectors, which are safely interlocked by means of quick release push-pins. There is a pole mount in the bottom of the cabinet and a protective steel grill on the front, with or without acoustic foam, are further features of this premium product.
C 12 pasyvi kolonėlė

Techninė specifikacija:

frequency response + / -3dB

output SPL
136dB peak

dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees)
asymm. 60°-120°/35°

system controller type
KS AUDIO amp CA 4D or TA 4D with D MOD or F MOD

12”-cone ND, 1,4”-driver ND

power in Wrms
800W at 8 ohms

crossover frequency
1200Hz, phase linear Bessel

input connectors
speakon NL4

output connectors
speakon NL4

birch plywood

stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam

charcoal black polyurethane

dimensions (height x width x depth)
576 x 350 x 413 mm

21 kg

35mm pole mount

C 12 pasyvi kolonėlė

C 12 pasyvi kolonėlė - Digital Audio

KS Audio
2662 €