• CL 106 pasyvi kolonėlė
  • CL 106 pasyvi kolonėlė

CL 106 pasyvi kolonėlė

KS Audio
1064 €
KS AUDIO CL 106 is an all-round talent, made for a wide variety of tasks in the field of sound engineering: supportive speaker for theater or concert operations, sound reproduction in the multimedia sector, background music in bars and restaurants or 100V build-in speaker on walls and ceilings in high quality. As a mid-high system in combination with subwoofers such as the CW210, the CL 106 represents a completed small PA system. A waveguide for the 1” driver with an evenly wide sound projection is integrated in the sound baffle. The 6” speaker is protected on the entire front with a grid, which is lined with acoustic foam. Tuning of the cabinet is achieved using a tunnel on the rear side, which allows a remarkably powerful reproduction of the bass frequencies. The cabinet is made of multi-layered birch plywood and has a matt black PU coating. It is well-shaped, robust, insensitive to weather impact, has good acoustic qualities and is easy to mount due to the 30° and 60° angle of the rear panel. M6 thread, flush-mounted connectors and a recessed grip, plus various accessories such as the ball-joint wall mount facilitate handling. CL 106 is optimized for particular requirements with the controller module of the CA 4D: a pleasantly sounding broadband version for musical reproduction at medium levels is just as possible as an extremely powerful variant for supportive sound reinforcement operations or voice transmission. A version with 100V audio transformer is also available, for which an in-wall cabinet can be provided. High-quality components, best materials and precision workmanship determine the quality of the CL 106. The complete front is made of low-resonance PU resin and serves to provide an even sound radiation. The front can be rotated by 180° for strictly symmetrical arrangements. The connectors are flush-mounted, so that the cable plugs do not become obstructive in any mounting situation.
CL 106 pasyvi kolonėlė

Techninė specifikacija:

frequency response + / -3dB
85 - 20,000Hz

output SPL (pinknoise at 6dB crest factor)
116dB / 121dB peak

dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees)
100° x 100°

system controller type
KS AUDIO amp CA 4D with D MOD or F MOD

6” ND cone + 1” driver

power in Wrms
120W at 8 ohms

amplification / x-over
full-range mode 2,000Hz

input connectors
speakon NL4

output connectors
speakon NL4

birch plywood

stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam

charcoal black polyurethane

dimensions (height x width x depth)
354 x 190 x 200 cm

8 kg

4 x M6 mounting points

CL 106 pasyvi kolonėlė

CL 106 pasyvi kolonėlė - Digital Audio

KS Audio
1064 €