• NXA6-200 procesorius su stiprintuvu
  • NXA6-200 procesorius su stiprintuvu
  • NXA6-200 procesorius su stiprintuvu
  • NXA6-200 procesorius su stiprintuvu

NXA6-200 procesorius su stiprintuvu

3220 €

Powered Digital Audio Manager

ECLER NXA6-200 is a 6 channel self-powered digital manager that stays halfway between a digital matrix and a multichannel amplifier. An "all-in-one" digital audio device that becomes a complete audio solution, including several remote control options and a long list of smart features.

Key Features

  • 6 analogue audio inputs x 6 powered audio outputs
  • Class D amplifiers (eco friendly)
  • Auto stand-by function (eco friendly)
  • 100% silent (fanless convection cooling system)
  • Health self-test mode function, with FAULT RELAY (for an external redundancy system)
  • Integrated anti-clip system
  • Integrated DSP processor. Main features:
    – Inputs mixer independent per channel (all inputs available)
    – VOLUME, MUTE, SOLO, PHASE INVERSION, MAX. VOL limit and MIN.VOL limit, LP and HP Crossover filters, parametric EQ filters bank, Ducker, Delay, Compressor and more settings configurable per channel.
    – Ethernet interface, compatible with EclerNet Manager platform and UCP remote control system
    – TP-NET third-party remote control (compatible with CRESTRON®, AMX®, RTI®, VITY®, etc.)

Power 20Hz-20kHz 1% THD

1 Channel @ 4Ω
218 WRMS

1 Channel @ 8Ω
126 WRMS

All Channels @ 4Ω
163 WRMS

All Channels @ 8Ω
105 WRMS

1 Bridge channel @ 8Ω
395 WRMS

Overall Voltage Gain
+26 / +32 dB

Frequency response (-1dB, -3dB)
10Hz – 25kHz

THD + Noise @ 1kHz Full power

Noise Floor (FFT) 20Hz – 20KHz
>100dB (110dB typ.)

Damping factor 1kHz @ 8Ω

Channel Crosstalk @ 1kHz

Input connectors
Terminal block (Symmetrical)

Input CMRR/ref. Max. PWR

Signal present indicator
Lit at –40dBV

Output connectors
Terminal block

Anticlip limiter
Soft / Mid / Hard

Volume remote control
(0-10VDC) (0.1A max.) 0V = no attenuation / +10V = full attenuation

Remote control connectors
Terminal block

Power consumption

(pink noise, 1/8 power @ 4ohm)

(pink noise, 1/3 power @ 4ohm)

Stand-by mains consumption

Panel Dimensions

Depth (Handles and knobs excluded)



A/D & D/A
24 bit, 48kHz. 115dB AKM Codec

32/64 bits


Analog Input headroom
+18 dBV = +21dBu

Digital Input attenuator
Stepless from –∞ to +0dB

Input Impedance
Balanced, 22kΩ

Maximum Delay
1s (343.4m) for each channel

NXA6-200 procesorius su stiprintuvu

NXA6-200 procesorius su stiprintuvu - Digital Audio

3220 €