• CL 208 pasyvi kolonėlė
  • CL 208 pasyvi kolonėlė

CL 208 pasyvi kolonėlė

KS Audio
1125 €
The KS CL 208 is an all-round talent, made for a wide variety of tasks in the field of sound engineering: background music in bars and restaurants, supportive speaker for theater or concert operations, sound reproduction in the multimedia sector or 100V build-in speaker on walls and ceilings in high quality. As a mid-high range system in combination with a CW210 subwoofer, a high-quality satellite PA system is established. The cabinet is made of multi-layered birch plywood and has a black structured PU coating. It is well-shaped, robust, insensitive to weather impact, has good acoustic qualities and is easy to mount. A metal sleeve for wall or tripod mounts, M6 thread, a recessed grip and various accessories ensure easy handling. A waveguide for the 1” driver with an evenly wide sound projection is integrated in the sound baffle. The 8” cabinet is protected with a grid and the entire front can be lined with acoustic foam. The tuning of the cabinet is achieved using a generously dimensioned tunnel on the rear side, which allows a remarkably powerful reproduction of the bass levels without compression. Different variants of the CL 208 are optimized for particular requirements: a pleasantly sounding broadband passive version for musical reproduction at medium levels, an extremely powerful variant for sound reinforcement operations with active controller control from the CA 4D, as well as a version with 100V audio transformer. High-quality components, best materials and precision workmanship determine the quality of the CL 208. Special designs and surfaces can be manufactured individually upon request. The compact CW210 Subwoofer provides the ideal low bass extension. Active stereo 2-way systems with DSP controller can be realized with a single CA 4D KS amplifier.
CL 208 pasyvi kolonėlė

Techninė specifikacija:

frequency response + / -3dB
69 - 19,000Hz

output SPL
128dB peak

dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees)
90° x 60°

system controller type
KS CA 4D with D MOD or F MOD

8” cone + 1” ND driver with waveguide

power in Wrms
200W at 8 ohms

amplification / x-over
full-range mode 2,000Hz

input connectors
speakon NL4

output connectors
speakon NL4

birch plywood

stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam

charcoal black / polyurethane

dimensions (height x width x depth)
400 x 240 x 280 mm

12 kg

35mm pole mount 4 x M6 mounting points

CL 208 pasyvi kolonėlė

CL 208 pasyvi kolonėlė - Digital Audio

KS Audio
1125 €