• Pasyvus monitorius C12 M
  • Pasyvus monitorius C12 M

Pasyvus monitorius C12 M

KS Audio
2541 €
-Excellence in modular performance- The latest technology incorporated in our sophisticated and modular stage/front of house monitor line-up, featuring multi-functional, beautiful design and best audio performance available at compact footprint. In addition, the user-friendly design of any KS-AUDIO monitor fulfills true configuration as front of house sound reinforcement system in general. The maximum SPL/size ratio and most natural sound reproduction achieved in its class due to excellence in sophisticated 12”/1,4” co-axial loudspeaker design. The specific and user-friendly directivity of C series monitor was equally designed for configuration as stage-monitor and FOH sound reinforcement system. As long as operated in stage-monitor mode, no feedback or dead spots will occur due to large vertical splay and 45 degree tilt of loudspeaker baffle. In stacked or flown configuration, possible lateral splay of 60/90 degrees ensures optimum directivity and sound coverage of designated area as required from professional sound engineer. The multiple reinforced and braced speaker cabinet construction is, like all KS-AUDIO systems, built from birch plywood treated with heavy-duty PU-coating. All RAL-colors available as a standard. Due to ergonomically built-in handles, single-or two-handed lifting of monitor is easily possible. A perforated steel front grille plus foam for heavy-duty protection of built-in transducers, 36mm top hat, four metrical M6 threads for u-bracket, twin NL4 connection plates for wiring thru and optionally lots of additional gear for further flexibility in use are available at your local KS-AUDIO dealership. The integration of handle, connection plate, top hat and active/passive switch into a single unit is featuring true innovation with an one-of-a-kind mechanical device in modern loudspeaker design. Please note, that all technical specifications of any KS-AUDIO product, mentioned below, are subject of using recommended KS-AUDIO amplification and KS-AUDIO digital processing in general.
Pasyvus monitorius C12 M

Techninė specifikacija:

frequency response + / -3dB
60 - 19,000Hz

output SPL
134dB peak

dispersion angle (horizontal x vertical in degrees)
60°/ 60°

system controller type
KS AUDIO amp CA 4D or TA 4D with D MOD or F MOD

12” cone + 1.4” ND coaxial hornloaded

power in Wrms
500W +100W at 8 ohms

amplification / x-over
full range / biamp switchable

input connectors
speakon NL4

output connectors
speakon NL4

birch plywood

stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam

charcoal black polyurethane

dimensions (height x width x depth)
330 x 600 x 420 mm

21 kg

35mm pole mount, 4 x M6 mounting points

Pasyvus monitorius C12 M

Pasyvus monitorius C12 M - Digital Audio

KS Audio
2541 €