• MIMO88 procesorius
  • MIMO88 procesorius
  • MIMO88 procesorius
  • MIMO88 procesorius
  • MIMO88 procesorius
  • MIMO88 procesorius

MIMO88 procesorius

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Installation Digital Matrix

ECLER MIMO88 is an 8 in / 8 out digital audio matrix, fully programmable and linkable to a second unit to become a 16x16 matrix, with real routing from any input to any output.


  • Expandable to 16 inputs / 16 outputs to become a real 16 x 16 matrix
  • Fully programmable and controllable via EclerNet software
  • UCP (User Control Panels) remote control system, compatible with WPmSCREEN and third-party devices, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • TP-NET protocol compatible, for third-party control systems integration
  • DSP processing: signal generator, delays, full parametric EQ filters at inputs and
    outputs, inputs noise gate, level, mute, phase, vu-meters, outputs compressor / limiter,
    ducking (priority & overriding), virtual and physical paging stations management,
    automatic mixer function, presets save & recovery, scheduled events triggering, etc.
  • FREQUENCY SHIFTER function to avoid acoustic feedback (Larssen Effect), available for each INPUT channel


2 x 32/64bit

Sampling Rate

Latency IN to OUT
<2.9ms (+1ms for 16x16)


24bit AKM

Dynamic Range
AD:110dB, DA: 115dB


8+8 Input/Output
Terminal block (Symmetrical)

2 monitor output
Terminal block (Symmetrical)

Headphones related
Jack ¼

Analogue Input headroom
+27dBV = +30dBu

Max. output level
+18dBV = +21dBu

Input sensitivity @ 0dBV out
From -50dBV to +10dBV in 0.5dB step

Input Impedance
Balanced, >4kΩ

Phantom power
+42VDC, 5mA max. software switched


Frequency response (-3dB)
5Hz to 24kHz

better than ±0.1dB

THD+Noise @ 1kHz, 0dBV input (line)

THD+Noise @ 1kHz, -40dBV input (mic.)

Output Noise floor FFT (20Hz - 20kHz)
better than 115dB

Interchannel crosstalk (20Hz - 20kHz)
better than 90dB (100dB typ.)

Channel Leakage (20Hz - 20kHz)
better than 100dB (115dB typ.)

CMRR 20Hz- 20kHz
65dB typ


Input Level (x8)
Range: from Off to 0 dB

Output Level (x8)
Range: from Off to 0 dB

Output Gain
Range: from 0 to +6 dB

Input Delay (x8)
from 0 to 1000 ms

Output Delay (x8)
from 0 to 1000 ms

Parametric Eq. Types
(4 max per input) (8 max per output in 8x8 mode) (4 max per output in 16x16 mode)

High & Low pass output Crossover filters (x8)
Butterworth in 6/12/18/24 dB/oct; Bessel in 12/18/24 dB/oct; Linkwitz-Riley in 12/24 dB/oct

Input Noise Gate (x8)
Threshold: from –80 dBV to +18 dBV; Depth: 0 dB to 80 dB

Input Compressor / Limiter (x8)
Threshold: from –36 dBV to +18 dBV; Ratio: 1:1 to inf:1 (limiter)

Output Limiter (x8)
Threshold: from –36 dBV to +18 dBV

Built in Signal Generator
Sine: from 20 Hz to 20 kHz; Polarity: from 20 Hz to 20 kHz; White noise; Pink noise

Mix Matrix
Size: 8x8 (1-MIMO88)

Input: IN1 to IN8 (or to IN16 in 16x16); Priorities: 4(1max) 4 (min)


Management Connectivity
Ethernet Base-Tx 10/100Mb Auto X-Over CAT5 up to 100m.

Expansion LINK BUS (16x16 ch.)
Proprietary over CAT5, Xover cable up to 100m

Remote Bus
2, over twisted pairs; up to 1km (see specific specs.)

8, from 0 to 10VDC or TTL level

8, 3 poles isolated relay; 1A, 48VDC max

MIMO88 procesorius

MIMO88 procesorius - Digital Audio

2125 3275