• T SUB žemų dažnių kolonėlė
  • T SUB žemų dažnių kolonėlė

T SUB žemų dažnių kolonėlė

KS Audio
5445 €
With T Sub, KS AUDIO has set a new bench mark for an effective and an impressive subwoofer performance. T Sub makes an impressive bass fundamental, even in the lowest octave of the frequency band width. The T Sub produces the frequencies that your ears expect in large spaces and in open air applications. This is achieved by using eight heavy duty 10”- long excursion woofers with a 100x30 mm voice-coil, and double magnets. Low moving mass combined with Push-Pull technology produces a precise in-and out transient response. This minimizes any possible distortion. The performance is way better than other subs with equal footprint. The speaker cabinet itself has very little vibration due to its strategically reinforced plywood construction. The speaker cabinet construction is, like any KS AUDIO system, built from birch plywood with durable PU-coating. All RAL colors available. Handles, 4 blue wheels and a protective grill, with or without acoustic foam, are further features of this premium product. T Sub is the perfect low extension for many KS AUDIO mid-high units and in particular for the C Line and T Line Arrays. The T Sub should be driven by KS AUDIO power amplifiers TA 4D or TA 2D.
T SUB žemų dažnių kolonėlė

Techninė specifikacija:

frequency response + / -3dB
35 – 70/120 Hz (controlled)

output SPL
141dB peak


system controller type
KS AUDIO amp TA 2D (build in audio-processor)

8x 10“ cone - very long excursion

power in Wrms
1600W at 4 ohms

upper x-over

input connectors
speakon NL4

output connectors
speakon NL4

birch plywood

stainless steel honeycomb 6 sided + acoustic foam

charcoal black polyurethane

dimensions (height x width x depth)
580 x 1160 x 880 mm

108 kg

4x heavy duty wheels, 8 handles

T SUB žemų dažnių kolonėlė

T SUB žemų dažnių kolonėlė - Digital Audio

KS Audio
5445 €